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What is PGP?

Key for usual signing and encrypting:
0x68A0EF1D - Fingerprint: 9258 49E8 4B61 5C76 235A DE49 FD27 9AD7 68A0 EF1D

This key uses Subkeys, the master key is stored as an offline key, so that if there happens something, I only need to replace the subkeys. These are rotated every 2 years, too. This key can be considered to have low security level. It is signed by my

Keysigning Key
SCHL√úSSELKENNUNG - Fingerprint: 5A64 3A84 3226 9551 F76A 6A9B D059 3ABB 8B2E 508B

This is an offline key, only used to sign (my) other keys and as my connection to the web of trust. This key can be considered to have a high level of security.

d6e3efb6 11f2203c 3543f765 9a3ccfe3 e03ed899 41f69dfb a1c2679d 3d02f217